What I Didn't Know about Romania: Diferență între versiuni

4) '''[[Politicians]]'''. The [[politicians]] are the other active category in “The Floods”, but they are more sophisticated. They appear at the place of the action only if Mass-Media and [[People of Romania|Catalin Radu Tanase]] appear. Their “[[job]]” is to walk in [[rubber]]-boots impressing both country and urban [[people]] and to make promises that “The Floods” will take place next year too. And they do!
==Sex with Cats==
In Romania, young men around the age of 17 frequently have sexual encounters with cats. Because of the lack of sexy women in the country (Most of them fled to [[Bulgaria]] or [[Hungary]]) the only source of fresh, young pussy is by engaging into rough feline-sapien sex. Due to this, a new breed of man-cat has been brought about in Romania by the rampant intercourse with small furry animals. This increased the average IQ of Romania by 10, because the man-cats can already open doors, and create voices what could be 'music'.
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