Geografie din România: Diferență între versiuni

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== Regions ==
Deva mayor is Semitu Kikibambus A'Lui Shtitzivoicine,also known as SKALS&ROSES,and he lives in the most known place of Deva City..... the "'''Budha Lui Satana'''" palace,which,in romanian means "the milk and choccolate of God". Deva City is also known as the headquarters of the romanian gymnastics team,which in romanian is called "'''curvele lui Belu Pedofilu futu-va dumniezo de pizdulitze playboy ce sunteti'''",which translating to english means "'''the best gymnastic team in the world'''".
Deva City is also known for the product of "'''putze,fofoloance,si smecleu'''" which translating,means "'''barbicue,carrots,and sheep milk'''",also known in hungarian as "fasz,nagy fasz,es apa tey". One of the major objectives in Deva City is the "'''Cetatea lu masa care l-o facut'''" which means "'''the castle of Cristi Minculescu'''".Near the "Cetate",you can find the park,which in romanian is called "'''Limbi'In'Parc'''",which means "a big USA band majdnem".In Deva City there is also a man known as the "'''baiatul din rivanol'''" ,translating to english it means "Nelson Mandela majdnem" which is the oldest man in the world (he is 235 years).You cand also find the "'''shtrandul cu tzatze si funduri pt tineri'''" which,translating to english,means "'''an old man's paradise'''". So,i hope this will make you visiting our city.And now,i will greet you with our beautifull "'''bagami-ash pula in gatu mati de strain,hai incoace sa te furam si sa te ducem in padure sa te futem,futu-ti ceapa si abrihanu ma-tii de cacat in ploaie cu ochi si coaie!" ''' which means "'''it was nice talking to you!".'''