Romania - Flora and Fauna

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Flora and Fauna în RomaniaModificare

Fauna - it is mostly formed by species of animals such as: ciordishi ( the latin term is "buzunarus golitus"), baieti de baieti (latin - "cartierus inhabitus"), a strange, but widely met animal tziotrag - the female tziotrag is named "pizdoaca" (from latin - "pizdus curus regulatus") and they usualy posses "vaginalis bacteria", a parasite that lives inside them and the males are mostly known as "muingurai" (the latin term being - "fututus babetus bogatus"). The tziotrag is a very dangerous animal, because its favorite food is people's sexual organs and money. If you are the owner of a tziotrag, you should be very carefull, as they tend to dissapear after they feel they have eaten enough and they leave to find another owner. Also, you may find in Romania the flying pig - many romanians speak about it, but nobody has seen it.

Flora - formed by samanta (the seed) of sunflower or pumpkin - eaten especially by cartierus inhabitus. One of the most known plants growing in Romania is canepa - used for making cloths and smoked by dumb teens who cannot find a good weed. Sometimes the village inhabbitans, aka tzaranii, feed their animals (and that's not a joke!!) with large quantities of canepa wondering after that why their horses and cows sleep all day long. In the woods you can find mushrooms that tzaranii pick up and sell them at the market place - most of them are poisoned (and that's not a joke either!!) as tzaranii don't have a degree in Biology and they don't know which mushrooms are good to eat and which aren't. Other widely met plants in Romania - ceapa and her sister slana, plopul and its fruits the pere and rachita with its fruits the micsunele.