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Madcommunists are those elderly farts that almost kick your ass if you don't surrender your seat whilst using public transport.

They are proud owners of free of charge cards and are always on the bus you will get on: in the morning they go to the market, afternoon they return from 'piatza'. You can't crack a fart without injuring at least 5 old bastards.

The situation is desperate in Romania since these old muthafockers outnumber working citizens by 2 to 1. They stink and never bathe because it's expensive to use warm water and they're cheap marthafockers too.

Although it may seem useless at their age, madcommunists are separated by gender into madwomen and madmen. Madwomen or babe (translated as old hags, not hot chicks) are very fast for their age. Romanian madwomen have been winning the Maddolympics for five years in a row. Their speciality is 400m Running after the bus or the High Jump on the free chair.

It is to note, that the species has been spreading in other parts of the world because of the population's habit of growing older. They have been seen in many Canadian cities such Calgary and Montreal(which is supplied by Longueil and Laval, petty place).