A 1950 photocopy of an altar erected by the Romans to honor Burebista, dated 100 BC

Burebista (aka Burebsita the eternal, Burebista the hairy), 1002BC -100something BC, was a great Dacian ruler, some call him the man who created the modern Romanian drinking habit. He was the one that encouraged, through his progressive views, the production of hard alchohol, by destroying the local wine production units (LWPU). The alcoholic dacian population had no other alternative than to distill all of their belongings. The result was tuica. Burebista was also a big fashion fan , he used big belts to emphasize his waist and a big beanie to make him more unique . Being the leader of the Dac people he banned all non noble man from wearing hats , so threw this fashion statement he would be recognizable threw the ages . An old law prohibits in this day the wearing of such hats , the punishment for disobeying is death . This law is still in use to this day in all of Romania.