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Sport & Hobbies
'''Oltenia''' was founded, as the legend says when the elders of all the romanian villages devised a plan to get rid of all the vilage idiotssmart people, thus increasing decreasing the nation's IQ tenfold. They loaded all the idiots of them in a large cart and gave them a fake "treasure map" which would hopefully lead them to [[Sahara]]. Unfortunately a wheel broke a few kilometers to the south of the Carpathians thus ending their trek. They called themselves the Olteni and the newly built [[Caracal]]. Later the newer city of [[Craiova]] was created and populated due to the newly discovered [[stupidity relativity]] theory which stipulates that a world with only one [[pole of stupid]] great city would implode. After saving the world by acting as a counterweight to [[Caracal]] , Craiova was named hero city for rebalancing the esoteric force known as [[stupid]] in the universe.
this stupids was propagate in every place of the world and they create this stupid website named uncyclopedia.
The only plant that grows in this region is called [[praz]], an odd combination between onions and kerosene which the Oltenians eat by the truckload with severe side-effects they choose to ignore.
Olso, there are only a few dogs left alive,because the rest of them run away to buCUResti or were killed by the olteni.
== People ==
== Sport & Hobbies ==
The two main recreational activities are [[underwater basket weaving]] and the creation of their world renowned [[asshats]], an appreciated commodity which they export all around the world.
At any other, more earthly sports they pretty much suck and, to give them a more fair shot, their main soccer team "University of Craiova" (which is a joke as everyone knows there are no universities in Oltenia) was transferred to the girls soccer league.
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